Ebook – Finding Your True Inner Self


This book was designed more like a treasure box than a toolbox. You will be able to read it in an hour but at the same time, certain subjects will plunge you into thoughts that will never cease to haunt you for days on end. The reflections will continue to give meaning to your life and will contribute to the enrichment of your personal knowledge. Far from dogmatic frameworks, my intention is to make you plunge into your inner world and to make you discover its mysteries and deep cheeks. In this reflexive walk, philosophical and psychological landmarks are juxtaposed against a particularly poetic backdrop.


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I want to bring some sweet whispers to our hectic world, and I hope that you will find the desire to go further in your spiritual work. Let yourself be inspired by these pages and think about what really matters. Our thoughts sail. I allow you to pursue your journey in a path of Ericksonian fragrances.

Number of pages: 118
Language: English


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